Joshua Isham

Joshua Isham

Born July 5, 1758 in Connecticut; died April 9, 1840 in Shelburne.

Married to Martha Hosford Isham (1762-1844)

Children :  Sophia Isham Bliss, Laura Isham Wheeler (may not be a complete list)

Parents:  Joshua Isham   (1727-1810), buried in St. George and Abigail Crocker   (1733-1774)

Brother Jirah Isham (buried in St. George with his parents died 1837 by drowning in Shelburne Pond  while hunting; He fell through the ice.  Fought in the Revolutionary War.


Joshua moved to Vermont with his family and settled in St. George in 1784.  They moved into an area that was an isolated wilderness. Joshua’s sister Martha was the first white child born in the Town of St. George.  After nine years, Joshua moved to Shelburne buying land east of the Falls and a store from Thaddeus Tuttle.  He also purchased the gristmill and sawmill, built by James Hawley from Ira Allen.  He built a house located on Falls Rd. (where the Civil Engineering offices were located; house destroyed in 1917 by fire).

Joshua Isham was a very successful business man and a prominent citizen of the Town.  He held many public offices including Town Clerk for many years.  Joshua represented the Town of Shelburne in 1811 in the State Legislature.  Like his brother Jirah, Joshua was a Revolutionary War soldier. (According to the Isham Family history written by Homer Worthington Brainard in 1838)  He was a great supporter of the Episcopal Church.

He died in 1840 and his daughter, Laura and her husband, Horace Wheeler continued to work the business for 15 more years after Joshua’s death.