Lyman Thayer

Lyman Thayer

Responsible for recording the early history of Shelburne

Born in 1799; grew up on a farm located near the present day fishing access.

Father:  Eli Thayer was from Connecticut; came to Shelburne in 1788; he held several offices in Shelburne governance.

Mother:  Ruth Messenger born in Pawlet; moved to Jericho after the Indian and British raid; after the death of her mother and sisters, Ruth was adopted by Daniel Barber and moved to Shelburne to a farm (Southern Acres – later owned by Lee Tracy).  She married Eli Thayer in 1795.  She was a teacher at the Moorehouse Corners School.  (Southern Acres)  Her husband and 9 of her 10 children died before her death in 1861.

Lyman Thayer was said to have inherited his mother’s memory for local history, names, and events.  He wrote the Shelburne section in the “The Vermont Historical Gazetteer” which is our best source for Shelburne’s early history. Oddly, Lyman Thayer did not chronical his own history. His profession according to the 1850 census was carpenter; in the 1870 census and his death certificate, he is listed as a mechanic.

We do know that he married Laura Blinn.  Laura’s father Simon lived in the white brick house on Rt. 7 (located near the Lighting House). Laura and Eli had six children; all died before their parents.  Lyman and Laura moved to Burlington in 1866.