Samuel P. Curry

Samuel P. Curry

Born in 1781 and died August 8, 1869

Married Anna Woodruff Curry (1786-1834);  Married  Mary Curtis 1838

The Curry family lived at the Shelburne Falls just east of the Falls Bridge, lived on the south side of Falls Rd. near the river.  He was a carpenter.  He and she wife, Anna had 4 children and he and his wife Mary had one child.  Only two of his children survived him (George W. and Andrew Jackson).  George W. also lived with his wife Rhoda on Falls Rd. and had a store.  He listed as a shoemaker in the Civil War draft document.

Samuel and Anna had many tragedies in their lives losing 3 children; one such tragedy is chronicled by Lyman Thayer.  His 7 year old son, with several friends, were playing on the river with a “leaky” boat.  The children went into the water and all but Samuel’s son Edward were saved.



Simon Curry

Born 1816; married Lucinda; son, George E.

Lived on the north side of Falls Road, east of the Falls Bridge.  Simon was a blacksmith.  He was active in the Methodist Church as the choir director.